The $20K Challenge:

5 Part Video Series To Open You Up To Receive Your Next $20K (or more!)

Ready to receive your next $20K? It's possible and easier than you think!

This year my clients and I have been playing a game called "Open To Receive $20K" and the results have been remarkable.

Some of the results we achieved include making $20K, $38K, $68K in record time!

During this challenge you will discover:

- The powerful mindset shifts that I teach my clients to achieve milestone revenue

- Life-changing tapping techniques to remove your money blocks

- a powerful way to tap in to 10X the motivation as we rewire your brain and create new neural pathways

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    I want to share a little bit about the amazing Keisha and the 20K challenge this week:
    First of all, thank you for taking us on this journey and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.
    Every live video you do is hitting home: It resonates somewhere deep down inside me and I feel that something is being triggered that has been hidden for a long time.
    Not only do I understand myself better, we are also releasing things bit by bit. One step at a time.
    The one from Day 2 about the inner child really hit home: How much are we allowing ourselves to want things?
    My inner little girl is popping up more and more these days and demanding more and more to be seen and heard.
    Thanks my dear for all of this.Can’t wait for today’s live!

    Keisha your video today!!!! Holy moly!...
    It was very profound. I feel really light and centered.

    This was so awesome!! Thank you too much Keisha! And I am also a 1-1 client, and working with Keisha has made my life better and richer in EVERY SINGLE WAY!!